Construction Restroom Trailer Rental

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In industries such as construction or agriculture, workers are always on the move. This can leave them in situations where they are forced to walk a long distance to use the toilet. Avoid this inconvenience and loss of productivity by renting a construction restroom trailer.

The construction restroom trailer rental offered by Waste Rentals puts your porta-potty on wheels for quick and easy transportation. Just hitch it to your vehicle and tow it wherever you need it, whether it’s to another part of the construction site or a different farm field.

The single-unit construction restroom trailer is tough and durable, making it ideal for rugged worksites and the blue-collar workers who will be using it. See below to learn more about the trailer!

Portable Restroom Trailers

Towable Construction Restroom Trailer

This trailer is a dependable transportation solution when it’s essential to be able to move a portable restroom around a site. Designed for both off-road and paved surfaces, the trailer is popular in the construction and agricultural industries where workers don’t remain in the same place for long.