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The interior of a portable restroom that has been cleaned to keep it from smelling

How to Keep Portable Restrooms from Smelling

You don’t need us to tell you that portable restrooms have a reputation for smelling bad. A variety of factors impact the level of odor coming from the toilet, including the amount of usage, frequency of cleaning, kinds and amounts of deodorizers used and more. Even heat can make portable restrooms smell worse, which is obviously a concern in Arizona.

However, a good portable restroom rental company will be proactive in keeping their toilets from smelling. They know it’s critical to customer satisfaction and earning repeat business. Keep this in mind if you’re looking to rent portable restrooms in the Arizona Valley. Read reviews and talk to someone from the porta-potty company to learn how they mitigate smells. This article details some of the solutions likely to be implemented.

Products That Reduce Portable Restroom Smell

Multiple products have been developed to keep portable restrooms from smelling. Here’s an overview:

  • Tank Deodorizer – Commonly referred to as “blue” because of its color, portable restroom tank deodorizer comes in multiple forms: packets, pucks or liquid. The deodorizer is simply added to the porta-potty tank water to improve the smell. There is a standard amount of blue suggested per toilet, but it can be increased if the bad odor is particularly strong.
  • Fragrance – In addition to deodorizer, fragrance products can be used in the interior of the portable toilet to mitigate bad smells. Fragrance discs can be placed on the toilet paper dispenser rod, vent screens or in the corners of the unit. There are also fragrance sprays that can be applied to the walls.
  • Urinal Screens – If the portable restroom is equipped with a urinal, a urinal screen or block can be added to reduce odor.

Service Options to Minimize Porta-Potty Odor

Products aren’t the only way to reduce portable restroom smell. There are service-based solutions, including:

  • Extra Water – In portable toilets that get heavy usage that results in waste mounding up over the top of the water level, deodorizer will be ineffective. If you notice this issue, you can request that a few extra gallons of water be added to the tank during service to compensate.
  • Regular Service – The best way to keep a portable restroom from smelling bad is for it to be serviced regularly. Unless the portable toilet is remote and rarely used, weekly service is recommended. Most bad smells can be alleviated when the tank is pumped out and the unit is thoroughly cleaned. If you have a long-term rental with a recurring odor problem, increasing your number of services can make a difference.

Your Portable Restroom Doesn’t Have to Stink

Put your preconceived notions about portable restrooms aside. Not all of them stink… especially if they are properly used and maintained. When a porta-potty rental company like Waste Rentals of Mesa, AZ puts in the time and effort to best serve its customers, you can expect a pleasant experience when you use their rental.