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A blue and yellow porta-john rental unit in a construction site

How to Make Your Porta-John Rental Accessible for Cleaning

Everyone who needs to use a porta-john rental in the Arizona Valley hopes they find a clean, odorless space when they open the door. For that to be possible, portable toilet service technicians like ours at Waste Rentals need to be able to get to units on their scheduled cleaning day. No one wins if a portable restroom is inaccessible and can’t be serviced.

To avoid frustrating “missed service” situations, we want to share with you in this article the benefits of keeping your porta-potty accessible for cleaning. We’ll let you know how you can ensure that we can get to your units and also what our process will be if we are unable to access them. Read on for details!

Having Your Porta-John Accessible Benefits You

We understand that you may have needed to move a portable restroom for some reason. Or perhaps you had no choice but to park your vehicle near it or place items in its vicinity. However, it’s to your benefit to make sure your porta-potty is accessible when we come to service it. If our driver can’t safely access the unit, it won’t get serviced. We don’t want to risk causing damage to any of your property.

If your porta-john rental can’t be cleaned, it could create an unsanitary environment for whoever is using the toilet. Plus, if you get skipped on our route because of the unit being inaccessible and end up requesting us to return before the next regularly scheduled service, you may be subject to fees associated with an off-route service.

This is a situation we both want to avoid, so be aware of when we will be coming and make sure we can get to the porta-potty.

Details on Unit Access

Refer to your porta-john rental contract for details related to unit access. It outlines what our drivers are allowed to do and not allowed to do when trying to get to a porta-toilet to service it. It also details the fees you may incur for situations such as lost time as a result of waiting for someone to make the portable toilet accessible or returning to provide an off-route service.

It’s also important to note that your typical service fee will still be charged even if our driver wasn’t able to clean the unit because it was blocked. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Our Process When We Encounter an Obstructed Porta-Potty

We try to be flexible with customers when possible. However, our business can’t operate successfully if scheduled services are delayed or impossible as a result of a porta-john rental being difficult to access. That’s why we have a process for when a driver is faced with a hard-to-reach unit. It goes as follows:

  1. A missed service tag will be filled out
  2. The porta-potty and obstruction will be documented
  3. The driver will notify our office of the missed service
  4. You will be notified why the porta-potty couldn’t be cleaned
  5. We will be available to discuss any questions or concerns you have and discuss what happens next

We hope that by understanding our process and being aware of the necessity of making your porta-john accessible for cleaning, we won’t have to skip over you as we service portable toilets in Phoenix and the surrounding area. We want all of our customers to have the cleanest portable restrooms in the Valley!