Meet the Team

At Waste Rentals, we’re more than a team; we’re a family. We work together to achieve the shared goal of satisfying the needs of each customer. Learn more about us below!

Marcy Solomonson Photo

Marcy Solomonson


Marcy has held many leadership roles in her career, working for the Mesa Fire Department, in the Finance Department of the City of Mesa, and as a mother of 7 children. After spending 5 years in her second stint with the fire department, Marcy decided to use her knowledge and experiences to become an entrepreneur and establish Waste Rentals. Marcy believes that family values are extremely important, so “family first” is at the core of Waste Rentals and a key component of its success. 


Brody Solomonson Photo

Brody Solomonson


With more than 5 years of experience in the waste industry, Brody brings amazing talents to Waste Rentals. Brody has extensive knowledge of the portable sanitation industry and is committed to ensuring that Waste Rentals provides a customer experience centered around Strategy, Safety, Support, and Success. To achieve this mission, Brody frequently operates both in the office and out in the field and has said, “I’m not afraid to get down in the trenches with my team.”


Joe Smiley Campisi Photo

Joe "Smiley" Campisi

business development

Joe has been close with the Solomonson family for many years. An employee of Waste Rentals since day one, Joe has helped grow the company to its current level of success. He has a background in sales and business growth, which makes him an invaluable member of our team. With his extensive knowledge of the portable sanitation and construction industries, Joe brings a lot to the table. He handles all business development and customer relations within Waste Rentals.