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A row of red porta-potties owned by a PSAI-certified portable toilet company

What It Means for a Portable Toilet Company to be PSAI-Certified

Waste Rentals aims to be the best portable toilet company in Arizona. We want to use our experience and industry knowledge to provide our customers throughout the Phoenix area with the best customer service. Our team knows how important our work is to keep our community clean and sanitary.

We aren’t alone in this endeavor. Portable toilet companies across the United States feel the same way about their service areas. One of the ways those of us in the industry can prove that we go above and beyond to be knowledgeable and be the best companies we can be is by becoming PSAI-certified.

Read on to learn what PSAI is and what certification means.

What is PSAI?

PSAI is short for Portable Sanitation Association International. It’s an organization that is recognized globally as being an authoritative voice that provides education and information for the portable sanitation industry.

In short, PSAI is committed to helping those in the industry thrive. One of the benefits they offer to members is the ability to become PSAI-certified.

What Does It Mean to Be PSAI-Certified?

PSAI offers a voluntary certification program that enables portable toilet companies to be recognized for their capabilities and commitment to the portable sanitation industry. The big advantages of being certified are that it:

  • Proves that the business is trained in the best practices and standards in the portable sanitation industry
  • Demonstrates that the business knows the latest equipment, processes and procedures so they can provide customers with the best possible customer service
  • Helps the company stand out from non-certified businesses in the area

Steps to Become PSAI-Certified

To become PSAI-certified, the following steps must be completed:

  • Having experience as a portable sanitation technician
  • Providing two professional references
  • Providing information related to waste disposal practices
  • Passing a test of technical skills and industry knowledge

Basic Service Technician Training: A Mark of Expertise

In addition to certification, PSAI also gives those in the portable restroom rental business the opportunity to take a Basic Service Technician Training Course.

The course was developed and has been updated over the years to teach individuals what they need to know to succeed in the industry. It covers topics including best practices and industry standards and features lessons on many key topics:

  • Portable toilets
    • Inspection
    • Cleaning
    • Delivery
    • Placement
    • Pickup
  • Handwash stations
  • Freshwater flush toilets
  • Recirculating flush toilets
  • Restroom trailers
  • Waste disposal
  • Winter service procedures
  • Spill-handling procedures

In addition, the course provides an overview of other topics to give the individual an understanding of the industry that goes beyond day-to-day business operations:

  • Science of wastewater treatment
  • Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)
  • Industry-related HIV/AIDS information

All this information helps portable toilet business employees provide the best possible service to customers.

PSAI Certification: A Mark of Excellence

Being PSAI-certified is good for portable toilet companies, customers and the industry as a whole. With the help of PSAI, portable restroom rental businesses like Waste Rentals can be the best versions of themselves.

That’s something everyone can benefit from!