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Questions Your Porta Potty Company May Ask You

At Waste Rentals, we know that communication is key as we provide porta-potty and sink rental to customers throughout the Phoenix metro area. Whether we’re communicating via phone or online, we want to make sure we are mindful of your time.

Any good portable restroom rental company will take steps to gather the information they need efficiently, without lengthy conversations or lots of back and forth. It’s for this reason that a porta-potty company like ours may have some specific questions ready for you when you reach out about products and service. Read below to learn about questions you may be asked.

Questions You’ll Always Be Asked

Regardless of the situation or whom you’re speaking with, you’ll likely be asked for your contact information if it’s not already on file. This enables us to quickly call you back in the event the call gets dropped. We also need to determine if your call is about an existing account or a new one.

Questions Related to Your Porta-Potty Order

If placing an order for a porta-potty rental, you will need to provide a contact for the site manager and for billing, along with their preferred communication method.

We’ll then proceed to ask for the specifics of what you’re needing:

  • What kind of porta-potty do you need?
  • How many porta-potties do you need?
  • What is the address of the drop-off location?
  • When are the porta-potties needed?
  • Do the porta-potties need to be delivered at a specific time?

Questions Related to Portable Sanitation Equipment Pickup

If you have long-term rentals and are ready to conclude service and have them picked up, here’s what you’ll be asked:

  • Do you want all the portable sanitation equipment picked up, or just some of it?
  • On what date do you want the equipment picked up?
  • Does it need to be picked up at a specific time?

Customer Service-Related Questions

For portable toilet service calls, you may be asked the following questions:

  • Is it a new or add-on service request? If yes, is it a result of a tip-over, vandalism, or overuse? (Charges may apply)
  • Is this a one-time request or a request to add a recurring service?
  • Is the porta-potty accessible at all times, or will a contact person need to be there to provide access?

Productive Conversations: Doing It Right from the Start

When a porta-potty company asks the right questions from the start, it saves both them and you time. Quality communication promotes a positive business relationship and makes the process as seamless as possible.

To start a conversation with Waste Rentals, give us a call at 480-904-3727, email info@wasterentals.com, or submit an online inquiry on our Contact Us page.