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Portable Toilets for Rent in Goodyear

Waste Rentals is home to the Arizona Valley’s experts in portable sanitation. So, if you need portable toilets for rent in Goodyear, AZ, we’re the only call you need to make. We’ll find the best-fit solution for you so that you can get your job done or put on the perfect special event.

Discover the Waste Rentals Line of Porta-Potties & Other Products

We carry porta-potties, as well as other portable sanitation products, to ensure the highest levels of sanitation in any setting. If you are looking for a reliable but no-frills unit, the standard portable restroom we carry will meet your needs. It’s versatile and durable, so it can be used where work is getting done or where a celebration is happening. Our standard porta-john has enough space to make the user comfortable, and the strategically designed vents allow ample airflow to reduce heat and odors.

If more space is desired, we have a couple options to consider, starting with our ADA-compliant wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms. They are the largest porta-toilets you can find, and they are accommodating not just for wheelchair users but also for parents with small children. For a portable bathroom that is more like what you expect from indoor facilities, check out our luxury portable restrooms. They not only provide toilets and sinks but also more than enough space, plus a classy design that make the units ideal for upscale events.

Need portable sinks as well? Ours are two-user sinks that provide everything necessary for a thorough handwashing experience: fresh water, soap, and paper towels. Plus, our portable sinks operate with a foot pump for maximum hygiene.

The Waste Rentals product offerings also include some niche products. For blue-collar workers, our construction trailers can come in handy. They put your porta-potty on wheels and give you the option to easily move it wherever it’s needed on the site. For more remote locations like campsites and rest areas where bulk waste storage is desired, we have holding tanks that store waste safely. Setup is simple because the tanks are manufactured with multiple ports that enable them to be hooked up to many sources, regardless of the plumbing configuration.

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