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Need a Portable Restroom Rental Company in Scottsdale?

Have you been looking for a reliable portable restroom rental company in Scottsdale, AZ? Waste Rentals provides a variety of portable sanitation products that meet the needs of many different industries. We’re located nearby in Mesa, and our service area covers the entire Phoenix metro area.

Standard portable restrooms are at the core of any portable restroom rental company. Our porta-potties are versatile enough to be used in settings ranging from construction sites to community festivals. Their spacious design and multiple vent screens aid in user comfort. They don’t feel cramped, and the air flow helps to cool the unit and mitigate smells.

We can also help you if you need to account for ADA accommodations. Our ADA-compliant wheelchair-accessible portable restrooms meet all necessary requirements and also double as great family units if the user has small children. And if you really want to maximize comfort, check out our luxury portable restrooms. They’re the most deluxe portable toilet units you can find. Luxury portable restrooms feel like an at-home bathroom, with plenty of space, numerous amenities, and quality finishes.

The Waste Rentals product line includes more than portable toilets. We also offer two-user portable sinks that are great at events where food is being served or wherever you want to ensure users can clean their hands. The sinks feature hygienic, hands-free operation thanks to a foot pump, and they also come with soap and paper towel dispensers.

For construction or more remote customers, we have a pair of ancillary portable sanitation products that may be of interest. Our construction trailers hitch to vehicles and enable you to move your portable restroom wherever you need it on the site. And if you need safe bulk storage, our holding tanks are a perfect solution. They are compatible with several plumbing setups and ideal at locations such as rest areas and campsites.

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When you need a portable restroom rental in Scottsdale, Waste Rentals is here for you. We have satisfied customers all over the Arizona Valley. You can reach us by phone at 480-904-3727 or by email at to learn more or request a quote. Or, contact us using our contact form, and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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