Water Tank Rental

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Waste Rentals is here for you if you need fresh water but have no existing source on-site. Our fresh water tank rentals are a dependable solution for events, work sites and more. Water tanks are typically  used to provide water to  luxury portable restroom  trailers or mobile office  trailers but can be used in other settings, too.

With a water tank, you can  get water to where there is  none currently or increase  the volume of water you  have available at your  location. You’ll have water  access quickly because  setup and use of the tank is  easy!

If your guests or  workers need water, don’t  leave them hanging. Contact us today to rent a fresh water tank for your next  event or project. Learn  more about our fresh water tank rental below!

Fresh Water Tank

The Fresh Water Tank is a solution you can depend on at sites that don’t have an existing fresh water source.  The tank is made up of a  plastic water tote and a metal cage. It features a  quick disconnect for easy  use. All you need to do is connect a hose between the  tank and where you need  the water (portable restroom trailer, mobile  office trailer, etc.). Then,  open the tap and you’re set!