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Workers at a family-owned porta-potty business discussing business plans

What Does It Mean to Be Family-Owned & Operated?

When looking for a company to provide portable toilet rentals in the Arizona Valley, you’ll come across both regular and family-owned businesses. Waste Rentals falls under the family-owned and operated category. Are you familiar with the differences between the two types of businesses? There are more than just the obvious one.

If not, this article should be very informative for you. It not only provides an overview of what a family-owned and operated business is but also lists some of the key advantages of doing business with one.

Family-Owned Business Defined

A family-owned business is one that is owned and operated by at least two (and possibly more) family members. The company doesn’t need to be 100 percent owned by the family to refer to itself as family-owned. However, family members must be the majority owners. Non-family members can possess minority ownership stakes.

Business structures may vary in terms of job roles and responsibilities. In some cases, family members may hold all the top leadership positions. In others, non-family members may be hired to leadership positions and may even oversee and manage certain family members in lower-ranking positions.

Family-owned businesses also commonly employ multiple generations of family members and prioritize keeping the business in the family for future generations.

Advantages of a Family-Owned & Operated Business

Many family-owned and operated businesses are highly successful. They’ve developed good reputations and are trusted by consumers to deliver quality products and services. This is true across many industries, including the portable restroom rental industry. Below are some of the primary reasons that family-owned businesses stand out above other companies.

  • Family Values – When a family owns and operates a business, they incorporate their family values into the mission. Family values are at the core of operations, influencing business decisions and the way the business is run. This frequently translates into better relationships between the company and its customers. Company employees care about their customers and don’t want to let them down. Unlike many corporations that are only worried about the bottom line and making a profit, family-owned businesses have other motivations such as doing right by their customers, being authentic and creating a positive legacy.
  • Locally Focused – Family-owned businesses, especially small to mid-sized ones, commonly have deep roots and history in the areas in which they operate. This means that they’re invested in the community and want it to thrive. The business hopes to better the area with its products or services, as well as provide employment opportunities for members of the community. Family businesses are also likely to support local organizations and events.
  • Multiple Perspectives – Another advantage a family-owned business has over a regular corporation is the ability to receive and act on perspectives from multiple generations. After all, the business may be run by two or even three generations of the family. This allows for input from multiple age brackets and the ability to draw from different kinds of experiences. This enables the business to reinforce practices that have led to success in the past while remaining open to new ideas and opportunities as consumer preferences evolve.

Learn About Our Family-Owned & Operated Porta-Potty Business

Interested in learning about Waste Rentals? We’re a multi-generation, family-owned and operated porta-potty business headquartered in Mesa, AZ, and serving customers throughout the Arizona Valley. We believe in “family first,” and our business success is driven by our family values. Meet our team and learn a little more about us.