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The tank inside a porta-potty, which contains the chemical known as blue

What is the Blue Stuff in Porta-Potties?

Have you ever stepped into a porta-potty somewhere in the Arizona Valley, glanced into the toilet tank and wondered what the heck that blue stuff is in there? If so, you’re definitely not alone. Many a portable restroom user has pondered the same thing.

That chemical is actually one of the essential supplies for porta-potty rental companies. Why? Satisfy your curious mind by reading this article and learning more about “blue.”

Introduction to “Blue”

The blue stuff found in the tanks of porta-potties is a deodorizer that also contributes to the waste treatment process. It is quite literally referred to as “blue” by many people in the portable restroom rental industry.

The chemical gets its color from a blue dye that is added during the manufacturing process. This color selection isn’t random. Blue is the color of choice because it helps to “hide” the waste that has accumulated in the tank. Many users would prefer to not see what is in the tank if they can help it. Having blue liquid in the tank obviously accomplishes this goal better than a clear or light-colored liquid.

Blue comes in a variety of different forms including liquid, packs (similar to detergent pods) or pucks/discs. With liquid, 1-3 ounces of blue is mixed with every 5 gallons of fresh water added to the toilet tank. The packs and pucks come pre-portioned so that the service tech just needs to add one for every 5 gallons of fresh water. They will dissolve in the liquid and become active.

Blue also comes in a variety of fragrances such as mulberry, cherry, bubblegum and more. The portable toilet company will select one based on availability and preference.

How Does Blue Work?

Blue is a chemical compound that contains biocides, which are defined as substances that destroy or deter a harmful organism. In the case of porta-potties, the biocides in blue prevent the growth of odor-producing bacteria and break down toilet paper. Without blue, portable toilets that have been used would smell worse.

Despite this, blue is non-toxic when diluted in water, and it remains effective for up to 7 days. This is an acceptable duration of effectiveness because many porta-johns are serviced weekly at minimum. This ensures that the toilet tanks will always be filled with the odor-fighting, waste-hiding chemical.

Question Answered

There you have it! An overview of what the blue stuff in porta-potties is and what it does. Blue is a good example of a seemingly simple product that is more complex than many people realize. Hopefully, all your questions have been answered and you now know more about blue than you ever expected.